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The Nutribullet is a product with infomercials capitalizing the late-night airwaves these days, and has been for a while. With charismatic nutritional experts passionately demonstrating its use, it’s no wonder why the name of this machine is highly recognizable. 

Is It the Right Machine for You?

Well, as we’ve done on other pages, it’s important to look at your goals first.  Then buy a juicer or blender that will help you reach them. 

First of all, the marketers of this smoothie maker try to make a clear distinction between their machine and a blender.  They actually call theirs an “extractor.” 

To be perfectly clear, blenders, juicers, and this machine are ALL extractors. Juicers extract the juice and deposit the pulp in a separate container.  Blenders (as well as this machine), extract the liquid from the plant cells, but they have different levels at which they emulsify the remaining fiber of the plant. This one really is a small blender, but one with mastery of making smoothies.

Juicing vs smoothies?  Juicers separate the plant juice from most of the cell structure so that you can drink the highly-concentrated plant juice.  Smoothies are drinks made WITH the plant fiber.  The cell walls are broken, juice is extracted, and the fiber is ground to a very fine level and is left suspended in the drink.

Typical lower – priced kitchen blenders do not have the power, blade structure,  and/or reservoir configuration to emulsify particles to the same degree as some of the newer blenders made for making smoothies. 

The Nutribullet marketers claim that it is and extractor – which it is – because of the ability of this machine to finely grind all sorts of plant material.

Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Parts:

The blades

Two blade attachments, including what their marketers call an “extractor blade,” a milling blade for less liquid – dense plant material like seeds, nuts and herbs.

The blades are made of stainless steel; manufacturer claims that they never need sharpening.

The base

The base provides the power to the blades.  It has a 600 watt motor, and uses 120 volts of electricity.   It is extremely simple to use in that you just plug it in, attach the parts as instructed, and press down to start it.


  • A tall cup with no handle; 24 oz capacity
  • A short cup with a handled lid
  • A short cup with an attached handle on the cup
  • Two lids for sealing any of the three cups


A nutrition guide

This is a user’s guide, which explains how to use the Nutribullet.  It also includes single serving smoothie recipes and a 6 – week plan.


It comes with a 1 – year warranty.  Customers can also purchase an extended warranty, which covers an additional 4 years for about $15.00.


Purchase prices can vary depending on where you buy the Nutribullet, what is included in the package (it may or may not contain exactly what is mentioned above), and any specials offered. 

At the time this is being written, the Nutribullet company offers two for the price of 1 with all of the attachments listed above for  159.84 + applicable tax through their website.

Other retailers, both online and in-store, offer variations of the package mentioned above, for around $100 + tax and up. 

Nutribullet Reviews

After reading a lot of feedback of various users of this system, the biggest complaint to-date seems to be the leaking that can happen when in use.  After leaking occurs, it can be difficult to clean the base unit fully, since this unit is the motor and shouldn’t be cleaned by using a lot of water.   Many long-time users feel that the leaking can be avoided by not overfilling.  Overfilling can add too much internal pressure when the blades crank up, and the liquid will escape where it can.

Newer model blades have made the machine quieter, which also seems to be a crowd pleaser. 

Overall,  this machine receives high marks for its value for money.  The ease of use, (as long as it doesn’t leak) is a key selling point for it.  Many also tend to like drinking smoothies versus juicing their produce because of the pulp left with juicing, which is often waste.

Additional attachments are also easy to purchase to add to the system, if the user wants to.

Want a Nutribullet?


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If you like what you see above, but want a little more power, check out the Power Series.

Nutribullet Pro Series

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So is this the machine for YOU?  Compare it to the others listed on the Juicer Machines page to decide!

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